Dedication to technology and know-how for customers

Since its inception in 1981, Tsunoda has grown for over 40 years thanks to the support of its many customers.
Tsunoda strives toward its vision as a manufacturing enterprise with pride, aiming to apply the technologies and know-how it has cultivated over the years for the benefit of customers. Tsunoda Advantages

Tsunoda Advantages

Tsunoda employs workers and facilities that work together to achieve high processing precision on the order of microns, enabling Tsunoda to meet a wide range of quality requirements from its customers.
The performance and durability of any given machine or equipment vary significantly depending on the precision with which its parts have been processed.
By using machines and equipment that are made of high-precision parts built in-house, Tsunoda is able to meet various customer needs.
Tsunoda is constantly investing in all the cutting-edge facilities needed to conduct its manufacturing efficiently. By eliminating excess cost items, Tsunoda is able to meet its promise to customers to offer solutions at optimal prices.
For each customer searching for a labor-saving machine or equipment, Tsunoda is able to propose a product that meets their budget. For each request, Tsunoda will suggest a cost-competitive solution that covers all the functions desired by the customer.
Delivery time
Tsunoda runs a comprehensive range of in-house production operations for both parts and functional modules, which allows it to achieve flexible delivery schedules that are convenient for customers.
Tsunoda is an agile company, able to adapt to sudden changes in delivery schedule or volume as requested by customers to the extent possible.
Tsunoda’s technology team includes both highly experienced and skilled workers and young, eager engineers. The optimal balance of the skilled workers’ reliable techniques and the young engineers’ creative thinking coupled with their challenging spirit underpins Tsunoda’s technical competency.
Tsunoda believes technology is only as good as the people who make it. That is why its employees are encouraged to improve themselves by taking technical skill examinations and obtaining other qualifications, and many have successfully acquired such certifications. Tsunoda’s technicians are also constantly monitoring the latest technological trends while honing their individual skills.
As Tsunoda has complete in-house resources and the ability to design, manufacture, and deliver its products, the risk of information leaks is minimized.
Tsunoda is both ISO9001- and ISO14001-certified. In line with these standards, Tsunoda has set up its internal operations so as to minimize environmental impacts while maximizing product quality.